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About Us

Advanced Structure Connectors (ASC) is committed to helping their customers by offering top-of-the-line products second to none! They also have full-service engineering and field support and superior product testing as well as training. Advanced Structural Connectors works closely with Simpson Strong-Ties®.


You can trust ASC products for safety, durability, and strength as well as dependability when the need arises. ASC carries all of the products necessary to protect your environment from earthquakes, high winds including hurricanes, and outdoor structures such as decks and gazebos, garages, and barns. When building an outdoor structure, buy the best connectors available on the market today for a safe return on your investment.

Reinforcing Steel

In 2006, Florida experienced not one, but several hurricanes at the end of the hurricane season. The damage was incredible! Most people don’t think about severe weather until it’s upon them. Structures built using Simpson Strong-Ties® provided by Advanced Structural Connectors were able to weather the storms. Code approved fastening systems are a must, and Advanced Structural Connectors (Simpson Strong-Tires®) meet the criteria for safety. Even deck construction must be code-approved. A deck not fastened strongly in place will easily become airborne with strong winds. Is your deck anchored to endure a high-winds storm? Advanced Structural Connectors will provide the top connectors and anchors for your outdoor project and ensure that safety comes first. They will meet your local code enforcement policies. We guarantee it!

Never Accept Second Best

ASC also offers solutions to your building safety issues even after the fact. Are you concerned that your home or other structures will be able to withstand the next big storm? If you want to fortify your current investment, call ASC and find out how you can strengthen your home and other buildings. It’s never too late to be prepared for the storm of the century. ASC offers connectors, fastening systems, lateral systems, anchoring systems, and can repair, protect and strengthen current systems. Before purchasing a new home, make sure it is anchored safely. Never accept second best.

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